The Adventurer's Toolkit

The adventurer’s toolkit is meant to give players a basic idea of what they could expect their characters to look and dress like in the world of ZENOBIA. While a more expansive background can be researched by reading the core rules and texts about the historical period, I understand that some players just don’t have the time or the attention span to do research on their own. I don’t like to enable the lazy sort of character conception that produces an adventurer based on the last sword and sandal film the player might have seen on TV, but it happens, and here are a few guidelines that will help cut down on inconsistencies and errors.

Of course, I am assuming that the player who comes to my game of ZENOBIA is interested in creating a fully developed character that is somewhat conscientiously modeled on the historical period and common notions of the time, otherwise they would be off playing any one of the countless generic fantasy rpg’s that currently glut the hobby.

So here’s some points of advice for players new to ZENOBIA. These pages will expand as demand grows for more exotic and diverse character classes and types. Right now each section focuses on a generic fighting adventurer.

Imperial/Roman Characters

Sassanid Persian Characters

The Adventurer's Toolkit

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