Persian Character Types

It is unlikely that Persian and Roman characters would interact amicably in the world of ZENOBIA, but for the adventurous player who would like to try something outside the pale there are plenty of opportunities for diversity.

Persia was just as, if not more, ethnically and culturally diverse as the Roman Empire in the 3rd century. The realm of the Sassanid kings stretched from Arabia and Mesopotamia in the west to modern day Afghanistan and India in the east. Sassanid Persia literally straddled east and west and served as an avenue of trade and transmission of ideas between Rome and the ancient cultures of the Indus Valley and Imperial China. Different ethnic groups served the King of Kings in his armies: nomadic Turkish peoples and Scythians, aristocratic heavy cavalry from Armenia, skirmishers and camel riders from Arab tribes around the Persian Gulf, Hindu swordsmen, and of course the unstoppable armored cataphracts of Fars, the Sassanid heartland.

A Persian character is most likely a free individual serving his or her feudal lord in an army, or as an independent raider sulking along the frontier between waring empires. Equipment is provided by the commander or easily scavenged after a fight.

As an historical side note, there is some source material that would indicate that it was not uncommon for Persian women to fight in the regular army. Such a thing would never be tolerated in the Roman Empire, and just went to show the Romans how “barbaric” the Persians were. While sexism is never much of an issue in ZENOBIA, gamers wishing to role play gender issues with some historical flare might find the role of a Persian warrior princess quite a challenge.

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Persian Character Types

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