Rome - the Eternal Empire


Where fur-clad hunters wander
Amidst the northern ice;
Where through the sand of morning-land
The camel bears the spice;
Where Atlas flings his shadow
Far o’er the western foam,
Shall be great fear on all who hear
The mighty name of Rome.

The Senate and the People of Rome – founded by the legendary Romulus; made great by the conquests of Scipio, Marius, Crassus, and Caesar; preserved and made even greater by the Divine Augustus. Rome, the eternal city on the Tiber that commands the world. Rome, ancient glory rotten at its core with the ambitions of its senators and the greed of its armies. Rome, once ruled by gods and now torn by baser men charading in purple.

After the death of the Divine Marcus Aurelius, the empire plunged into a period of instability and chaos from which it was saved only by the merciless and unyielding ambition of Semptimius Severus, proconsul of Africa. Severus seized the throne and returned the Pax to Romana at the point of the sword. When his dynasty collapsed fear of the emperor’s power dissolved and chaos reigned. The golden age of the Caesars is over, an age of iron and rust is begun.

Harried by barbarian federations in Germania, civil wars and conspiracies at its heart, and the growing threat of the Shahansha of Sassanid Persia, Rome has split into three parts: the provinces of Britannia, Hispania, and Gaul are ruled by Postumus the pretender; the east, threatend by Shapur is nominally under the control of the vassal king of Palmyra; the emperor Gallienus Augustus fights to hold the remnant of the empire together after his father Valerian is defeated in Mesopotamia.

Could the Eternal Empire of Rome disappear from the annals of history forever?

Rome - the Eternal Empire

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