Sassanid Persia - Land of Fire


The Mazda worshiping lord Shapur, king of kings of Iran and non-Iran, whose lineage is from the gods, son of the Mazda worshiping divinity Ardashir.

From the Euphrates to the Indus and from the Arabian Sea to the borders of the realm of China the will of the Mazda worshiping Shahanshah – the King of kings – rules the thousand peoples of the Persian Empire.

The great god Ahura Mazda has given the divine mandate to the Shah of the House of Sasan, Shapur, to rule the land of the Persian people, Iranshahr, with wisdom, benevolence, and an iron grip. The Shahanshah maintains the cosmic order in the land with the help of the priests of the holy fire, while the iron clad squadrons of mounted warriors of the empire fight against the darkness that surrounds Iranshahr.

Three times the mighty Shahanshah has faced invading forces lead by the Emperor of the Romans and three time he has driven back the armies of the foreigners who seek to profane the land of Iranshahr and extinguish the holy flame. Two rulers of Rome have been humbled and one, Valerianus Augustus, has been captured and killed. Shapur has brought the Roman Empire to its knees and nothing lies between him and the rich lands of Roman Syria, except the small desert kingdom of Palmyra.

Sassanid Persia - Land of Fire

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